Ten Things Tuesday – October 20

20 Oct

Ten things that are overrated:

1. The Notebook. The concept of it is a good story, I guess, but it’s one of those overly cheesy chick-flicks that’s just too much for me. I’m not really a fan of Nicholas Sparks. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it, but I just don’t really find it that wonderful. I’ve seen way better – and more emotional – movies than that. Yeah, Ryan Gosling is hot, and I am a fan of Rachel McAdams, but I just don’t like that movie. It’s like the epitome of an overly done romantic movie that girls drag their boyfriends to see. I’m more realistic than that, and I don’t expect any man to actually be that way.

2. Twilight. I’m sorry, but I think it’s just terrible. If I were a thirteen-year-old girl who didn’t appreciate good writing, maybe I would love it. I admit that I’ve read all four books, if only to satisfy my own curiosity. But I am not a fan. For one thing, I don’t get the vampire phenomenon at all. It’s not hot to me whatsoever. For another, I could have written a better book than Stephanie Meyer. Third, Robert Pattinson is kind of a douche. I can’t really express how much I think it’s ridiculous and worthless.

3. Vera Bradley. I have no desire whatsoever to carry a quilted bag in a tacky pattern. I’ve heard they’re really durable, but I would much rather spend that outrageous amount of money on something better and more classy.

4. Tyra Banks. She truly thinks she’s inspirational and caring and nurturing to thousands of young girls across the country, as well as her entourage of admirers on Top Model. But really, she just finds ways to make everything about herself. She’s 100% self-involved, no matter how much she tries to make out like she doing a world of good.

5. Skinny jeans. Unless you are a waifer-thin model, you do not look good in these pants. They also border on that horrible tapered mom-jean look.

6. Twitter. I absolutely do not get the concept of this. No one in their right minds wants to read short updates about what I’m doing with my boring life all day. Celebrities, maybe. I mean, I don’t really want to be glued to my phone all day wanting to know what famous people are up to. You miss out on a lot of life that way.

7. Weathermen. All you have to do is buy yourself a thermometer and look out the window to see what’s going on. And it’s just common sense to wear layered clothing and carry an umbrella at all times.

8. Clowns. Just downright creepy. And not the endearing kind of creepy.

9. Jessica Alba. Yes, she’s very pretty. But she’s not a very good actress. I don’t understand why she’s so popular. She hasn’t been in that many good movies, and yet everyone raves about her. Come on. She makes really bad career choices!

10. Florida. The Gulf has pretty beaches, but it’s just too hot, humid, and depressing to be worth going down there. Florida is where people go to die. Not to mention that everything down there constantly looks like it’s run down and just recovering from a weather-related disaster.

Being overrated implies that there is actually some good in these things. I admit, some of them aren’t as terrible as I make them out to be. Others most definitely are. You be the judge.


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