Any Given Saturday

17 Oct

Fairly crazy day at work today. Nothing major in my assigned area, but really busy. I was in the lab today doing the surface tension presentation. There were actually a lot of people in there today, even though it sounds like a pretty boring thing. I’ve been working one day, having one day off, working again, etc. this week. It’s been really nice because it’s my mom’s last week of fall break. I don’t think I would enjoy it nearly so much if that weren’t the case. It’s back to working six days in a row next week, so I’ll be thoroughly exhausted by this time in a week.

I’m starting to seriously get my grad school stuff together. I’ve spent the past couple of days looking over application and admissions information for Chicago and George Washington. I’ve been reading my GRE study book as well, so hopefully I’ll be getting that taken care of before too long. It all starts over again.

James is in town this weekend to take the PCAT again. He thought it was next weekend, but it ended up being today. So he came home last-minute for a quick weekend trip. This is the most I’ve seen him in months.

I’m watching the South Carolina/Alabama game right now, and I must say I’m slightly disgusted. Of course, since James goes to USC, I’m pulling for them, but they’re certainly not making it easy to be a fan today. So man incomplete passes, penalties, and lots of nonsense. It’s an exciting game, though, I will give them that. That’s the thing about the SEC: you just never know what’s going to happen on any given day. Some days are better than others, of course, but it’s never boring. We’ve got the best teams in the country down here. And one thing’s for sure: we live and breathe by it.


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