Ten Things Tuesday – October 13

13 Oct

Ten people I’d like to sit down and have a drink with:

1. Anthony Bourdain. I have a feeling he would introduce me to great new kinds of beer I’d never heard of or thought of trying before. And I know he’d have some great stories to tell from his days as a chef and from his many travels. He’s pretty much a badass, and I like that. He seems like a fairly straightforward, no bullshit kind of guy. And he’d be up for a good drink any day of the week.

2. Mike Rowe. Again, kind of a badass. He just seems like such a laid back guy. No doubt there are tons of behind the scenes stories he could tell from Dirty Jobs. I just love him. He’s so cool and seems kind of adventurous.

3. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. No doubt he would know where all the good stuff is, haunting around the Moulin Rouge and all.

4. JK Rowling. I would love to sit and pick that woman’s brain! She’s one of the most creative people ever, I think, because she created an entirely unique world with such organization and detail that you can’t help but believe it.

5. John Mayer. I’d either be ecstatic or disappointed with this one. I love him so much, but wouldn’t want him to be arrogant the whole time, which I slightly suspect he would be. Anyway, it would be awesome to hear him talk about music. I hope he’d bring a guitar.

6. Flogging Molly. The whole band. Think about it: a bunch of Irishmen (and women) sitting around drinking and playing music. How much better does that get?

7. Kate Winslet. That woman is insanely talented, classically beautiful, and, I have a feeling, highly intelligent, interesting, and grounded. She’s one of my all-time favorite people ever, and I think she would be so much fun. I think we could maybe sit and talk for hours.

8. Rachel Zoe. I’d love to hear her talk about fashion and her career and all the wonderful things she gets to see and do. She’s crazy, of course, but I think it would be fun. She’s always so funky and has impeccable taste. Of course, this means I’d probably have to buy a new outfit in preparation for our drinks. I’d really hate to go out with her looking sloppy!

9. Paul McCartney. Man would I hear the good stories about the Beatles! I think I could still understand an English accent very well in an inebriated state.

10. Stephanie Meyer. Mostly so I could throw it in her face. I wouldn’t actually give her the chance to sit down. And I wouldn’t waste a good drink, just something cheap.


One Response to “Ten Things Tuesday – October 13”

  1. mcarteratthemovies 13 October, 2009 at 4:31 pm #

    Amen on numbers 7 and 2 — Mike Rowe is a hoot and a crazy-smart Renaissance Man.

    Additional suggestions: Jon Stewart and Gail Collins, my favorite funny and very accessible political columnist for the New York Times. Oh, and maybe Catherine Keener — I’d agree with Roger Ebert that she qualifies as one of those few actresses I’d like to have a beer with.

    M. Carter @ the Movies

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