There’s No Crying at Hands On

9 Oct

Long day at work today. Not terribly bad, but long. We had a group in this morning, which usually makes the time go by very fast. Today it just seemed to make it drag on. At 2 this afternoon it felt like it was much later, like 4:30 or so. It was a fairly calm day, as Fridays in a kids’ museum go, but still quite long.

The group we had in this morning was kind of wild. Not the worst group we’ve had visit, but pretty up there. There were three or four kids that were fairly close to getting put in time-out because they had to be told multiple times to stop running or use inside voices. I had two kids that actually tried to RUN down the slide, after being instructed several times on proper slide etiquette. Not to mention that it’s just common sense to go down a slide sitting down. They also have the terrible habit of sitting right at the bottom of the slide to watch everyone else behind them come down. I mean, it’s not that thrilling. It’s dark, for one thing, so there’s not much to see. And one of them is really going to get kicked in the face one of these days.  Not that I really want a kid to get hurt, but I kind of just want someone to get knocked in the face so I can say, “See? I told you so. That’s exactly why I told you to move/stop running/go down the slide on your butt. Now you’re crying and I kind of don’t feel bad for you.” Kids will be kids, I know that. But someone is really going to get it someday.

In this same group today there was a young girl who was terribly distraught at having to hop back on the bus and leave us. I kind of got the impression that she’s one of those overly emotional kids that just cries for any and every reason. It was a little touching that she was having so much fun that she didn’t want to leave, but really? Come on, man up a little here.

I gave the iguana a bath today, which was a fairly fun process. Not as elaborate as it sounds, though. Basically we have a little plastic kiddie pool that we put him in (and because of his deformed toes, he cannot climb out), fill with warm water, and let him splash around for a while. He really likes the water, and he gets a bath once a week. We put the pool out on the floor near the other animals, so people can stop by and see him. It’s pretty funny to see an iguana looking up at you from a kid’s pool.

I went out to dinner tonight and to see a play with Kristen. She had an extra ticket and invited me to go, which was really fun. We saw a community theater production of The Philadelphia Story. As plays go, it was pretty good. I’d never seen the movie before but I’d heard of it. I didn’t know too much about it going in, but I liked it. The story was a little hard to follow but was still pretty funny. It was really great to eat out and do something after work for once. This was my fourth day out of six in a row working, so it was nice to have a little change of pace.

Life is pretty much the same around here, except that James is home for fall break for a few days. Not that that really means much, though; every time he’s home he’s either out with friends or holed up in his room. He didn’t bring his video games home for just a long weekend, so we might end up seeing a little more of him. We’ll see.


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