Better Look Next Time…

23 Sep

I’ve never been a good judge of age. Now we can add bad judge of gender to that list. OK, not in most circumstances, but at least today I was.

At work today, there was a kid playing around downstairs, wearing clothing that wasn’t really gender-specific. This kid had tanned skin and shoulder-length curly hair. And I mean curly. It was dark brown with a few highlights and was quite pretty. Sounds like a girl, right?


I was cleaning the boy’s bathroom when he walked up tot he door and said he needed to go to the bathroom. So I pointed him in the direction of the girl’s bathroom right next door. Come to find out, he’s not a girl. He didn’t seem too upset about it – in fact he said he often gets mistaken for a girl – but I still felt terrible. It’s one thing to not be able to tell how old a person is by looking. It’s an entirely different issue to be unable to tell a person’s gender.



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