All in the Family

20 Sep

Today at work I learned that when you turn off the wrong breakers, it turns off the fish tank pumps. This, in turn, causes the tanks to overflow, and flood half the downstairs floor.

Very luckily for me, we did a walk-through to make sure all the closing duties had been done, and that’s when we noticed the water all over the floor. We figured out what had happened, which was that I accidentally turned off all the opposite breakers from what I was really supposed to turn off. Luckily it had only been about five minutes since I came upstairs, so there weren’t any fish flopping around on the floor. I don’t know what I would have done had that happened. That would have looked so good, kill the fish on my third day working! I already felt bad enough that I’d accidentally flooded the floor. They said it pretty much happens to everyone, though, so I guess I’m not alone. Thank goodness, because I’d feel just awful if that weren’t true.

Side note. Also when I was closing, I accidentally turned off the lights on a woman in the bathroom. Who was still in there 10 minutes after our closing announcement. I hadn’t seen anyone on the floor in 20 minutes, and I had no idea she was in there. So, all in all, an eventful four-hour day.

Tonight I’m back in Spartanburg to help my little sisters deliver presents to their new little sisters. I’m so excited for them! I remember how much fun it was to get presents and find out who your big sister was as a freshman, and then to get little sisters as a junior. It’s such a unique thing, and I’m glad I got to be a part of it. We’ve just come back from running their gifts. They are so cute! It feels so weird to be back here and doing this stuff again, but I like it. I’m staying tonight with Cullen and Keeli, and we’re having lots of fun. It makes me wish I’d hung out with them more when I was here. But then again, I can’t dwell on all the things I wish I’d done. For now I’m just excited that they wanted me to come back. We’re off to decorate campus, and I’m going to take some pictures. It’s been a fun night, and I have a feeling it’s going to be a very late one.


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