No Rest for the Weary

19 Sep

I’m absolutely exhausted from the past 24 hours! Worked a full eight hours yesterday, drove two hours in the pouring rain down to Spartanburg, sat through My Fair Lady for three hours, went to the cast party until 3:30 in the morning, dropped off Melody, and then stayed up til 5 in the morning talking to Morgan, and then driving back home! Needless to say, I could really use a nap right about now!

I ate lunch in the dining hall, which I’m pretty sure is going to give me indigestion for the next day or so. Definitely not used to eating that stuff anymore. It was your typical depressing Saturday fare.

I’m turning in early tonight. I desperately need some sleep. Working and driving again tomorrow! My life was so slow for so long, and now it just doesn’t stop!


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