Feelin’ Alright

10 Sep

Today has been an exceptionally good but also long day. My mom left early this morning to go hike Mount LeConte. She’ll be gone overnight and hopefully will not run into any bears on her trip. She and her friends are just a little worried about that.

So, what made today so great? I officially got the job that I interviewed for yesterday! I’m pretty excited about it. I really didn’t expect to hear back from them so soon, but I’m gad they decided to hire me. I’m a little nervous about what I’m going to be doing, but I’m excited about it. I don’t think it’s going to be anything really more than I can handle. Although I must say I’m not thrilled about the prospect of handling snakes or cockroaches. As of now I don’t know when I’m going to be training, so we’ll see. But at least I know now that I’m not going to spend the next several weeks sitting around, looking for jobs and being bored. On to a new chapter!

I also got my hair cut today. I got it done the same way as the last time I got my haircut, short, at the chin, with lots of layers and long bangs. If you’re just dying to see a picture of it, head on over to lazyllama365 to check out today’s picture. I really enjoy getting my hair cut. I’m not one of those who just loves to sit in the chair and gossip, but I have gotten better at keeping up conversation with my stylist. She’s pretty talkative, and now that I’m through with school and into working we have some more to talk about. She pretty much cuts everyone’s hair in my family, with the exception of my dad, so I guess you could say she knows our family fairly well. She’s a great stylist. That’s one thing that’s worth paying money for and keeping around. If you have a great haircut, it can make all the difference. I’m not going to get rid of her anytime soon.

Tonight at church they had a big parenting conference and I babysat in the nursery. I’m pretty exhausted, even though it truly wasn’t that strenuous. All the kids in our room were a year and a half to two, just walking and crawling. Some of them were fussy, but most were happy. I managed to not change any dirty diapers all night. Like I said, it wasn’t a terribly hard job, but I’m exhausted. It’s a tough job taking care of kids, but it’s worth it. I’m definitely not ready to make that a full-time job, though. Although having kids one day would be nice. Just not right now.


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