Eight Days a Week

6 Sep

Yesterday we drove down to Knoxville to visit the huge used bookstore down there. It was amazing; so many people, so many books! I don’t think I’ve seen that many in one place, other than a library. They had a really good selection of things, too. I got six new movies, all for less than $10. I felt pretty good about that. After the bookstore we went to one of the shopping centers to see what kind of stuff we could find there. My mom and my grandmother each bought a pair of shoes. Ironically, I did not. You would think that I, the biggest shoe fanatic in the family, would have found something. But alas, the pair I really wanted didn’t come in my size. Typical. Of course they had the black pair, but not the more unique taupe color that would be more useful and different. No worries, though.

Today has been a rather lazy day, just sitting around the house reading and messing around. My mom took a 5 hour nap today; I don’t know why she was so tired, but she definitely was because she slept the day away! I spent the day in my bed, watching TV or reading. I’m going back through and watching all the episodes of The Office, and I finished season 1 today. I guess I’ll move on to the next ones now.

Tomorrow is Labor Day, which I’m sure you all know. My mom has the day off from school, so that’s exciting! Weekends with my parents home are definitely too short. There’s a Dirty Jobs marathon on tomorrow, and it’s very likely that we will watch it. I’m also having dinner tomorrow with Kristen, and possibly Julia. We’re planning on watching some Heath Ledger movies after that. I’m defintitely excited about this one! I can’t remember the last time I really hung out – or talked to – either one of them! I wish I’d kept in touch better with the two of them. I’m glad to have the chance to reconnect now.


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