Sweet Dreams

3 Sep

Do you ever sleep SO hard that when you wake up you’re thoroughly exhausted? That’s what happened to me today. I’ve been falling back into bad sleep patterns, and today I woke up after feeling like I had done aerobics in my sleep. I don’t know what I did, but I slept hard, and now I feel like I need a nap to recover from it.

The past week or so I’ve been getting much better about not sleeping too late. With nowhere to be in the mornings, I kind of have this subconscious idea that I can stay up as late as I want. But after traveling recently, these patterns got onto a fairly regular, healthy schedule. Not staying up til 3 in the morning, not sleeping til noon. I’d been getting better. But now that I’m back home, in one place, the old habits are coming back. It’s hard to maintain a regular sleeping schedule. Even when I turn on an alarm, I inevitably hit snooze for about an hour. When I really, truly have to be somewhere, I usually don’t have any problem getting up for it.

But man, last night I had some major insomnia. I didn’t get to bed until around 3, maybe 3:30. Just watching a big bunch of nothing on TV, and messing around on Facebook, but it was enough of a distraction to keep me awake far longer than I should have been. I need to get back to a regular schedule of sleeping and waking. Not that there’s anything wrong with sleeping until 12, but it makes me feel lazy and as though I have wasted most of my day. And now that fall is fast approaching, with its shorter hours of daylight, I’m really going to start to feel as though I have wasted the day if I sleep for too long.

In addition to irregular sleeping patterns, I’m also having weird dreams again. And remembering them. This usually happens during the summer or at times when I don’t have a lot on my mind, and not too many things going on in my life. When I’m really busy and don’t get a ton of sleep, I have a harder time remembering my dreams. Maybe I’m subconsciously worried about the things I’m worried about during the day. Who knows. But for now, I’m dreaming again, and remembering. While sometimes I have pretty funny dreams, some of them are a little unsettling. The kind where you wake up the next morning in a weird mood, and then pieces of it come back to you during the day that explain your state of mind. While these are usually my most unique dreams, often I wish I didn’t have them, just because of how strange they make me feel.


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