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Ten Things Tuesday – September 29

29 Sep

So I heard about this website called Polyvore from another pretty awesome blogger (check her out here:

The premise of this site is that you can create your own sets of outfits, interior design, or art expression from pictures found on various sites all over the internet. I’ve been obsessed with it ever since I found it, since it’s basically why I love InStyle so much, and is kind of my dream career that I haven’t pursued. I’ve probaby made 50 different outfits, but these are ten of my favorites

1. Sweater vest. Good for a day at work and then going out later. Easy to dress up for evening.

Sweater Dress - Polyvore - Windows Internet Explorer 9292009 103036 PM.bmp

2. Blue and orange. Contrasting colors always look really good together. This is such an easy look to put together, too. I’m a big fan of pants with an embellished tank top, along with a few great accessories.

Blue and Orange - Polyvore - Windows Internet Explorer 9292009 103154 PM.bmp

3. New Year’s outfit. The perfect party outfit. I’m not usually into monochromatic looks, but this I love.

New Year's Silver - Polyvore - Windows Internet Explorer 9292009 102753 PM.bmp

4. Weekend Getaway. Perfect for going on a laid-back, quick trip.

Weekend Getaway - Polyvore - Windows Internet Explorer 9292009 103424 PM.bmp

5. Golden Girl. I love the colors of this outfit. Yellows and golds usually aren’t my best or favorite colors but I would definitely wear this.

Gold - Polyvore - Windows Internet Explorer 9292009 103249 PM.bmp

6. Bohemian chic. My fun little sophisticated bohemian look. I would kill to have the earrings and necklace in this outfit!

Bohemian Dress - Polyvore - Windows Internet Explorer 9292009 102712 PM.bmp

7. Watercolors. Again, my favorite, easy look with jeans and a tank top. So many vibrant colors in this one! I need a lot of bright color in my life. This one is just so fun.

Watercolor - Polyvore - Windows Internet Explorer 9292009 102823 PM.bmp

8. Working Girl. A great, stylish work look that’s also easy to take into evening (Stacy and Clinton would be proud, I think). Did you know that coral is the most universally flattering color? It’s true! It’s the one thing most women thing they can’t wear, but almost anyone can wear it. I used a lot of corals and oranges in the outfits I made, now that I think about it.

Work - Polyvore - Windows Internet Explorer 9292009 103336 PM.bmp

9. Wildflower. Also some really great colors in this outfit.

Flower Halter - Polyvore - Windows Internet Explorer 9292009 102927 PM.bmp

10. Red Dress. I think every girl needs a great red dress in her wardrobe. I love, love, love this one! And so easy to put together, too – just five pieces!

Red Dress - Polyvore - Windows Internet Explorer 9292009 103508 PM.bmp

It’s just really too bad that I don’t actually own this stuff, because I would have such a killer wardrobe. A girl can dream…



28 Sep

Today is my second day off in a row, which I’m very grateful to have. I love my new job, but I need a day or two to catch up on some sleep and just be lazy. I do like being busy all the time, and having a job really combats boredom and complacency. However, it’s nice to have one or two days off here and there to regroup.

I’m spending the day researching graduate school programs and the GRE. My top two choices for schools right now are The Art Institute of Chicago and George Washington, both of which have excellent art therapy programs. It’s a little strange to be resarching schools again, because when you do it in high school, looking for undergraduate programs, you don’t really consider what’s next. You kind of just think your next four years are set, and not really looking at what comes after. Graduate school is definitely more of a research commitment, as well as more complicated to get into. There are so many requirements! I need to take the GRE here in the next few weeks so that I can have the option of taking it again this fall if I need to. I don’t know much about it, so I have no idea how long it takes to get your scores back.

I’ve had these schools in the back of my mind for a while, but haven’t done major research on them. Now I really need to decide which programs I’m most interested in, which ones sound like they would be a good fit for me, look up testing and admissions information, look up housing options, all that good stuff. It’s like looking for a job all over again – it’s a full-time commitment to find all this stuff! Hopefully my efforts will pay off, though. I’m still not sure if it will be next fall or the one after that I go to grad school, but it definitely won’t happen if I don’t do this research!

Tweet Tweet

26 Sep

I do not understand the purpose or the appeal of Twitter. Really, I don’t think people want to know what I’m doing or thinking every minute of every day. And I certainly don’t have the time to look up what they’re doing, either. I just don’t feel like I need to be glued to my computer all day, or sending texts on my phone for everyone to see. It’s just a little much. Life goes by so fast, I don’t want to waste it by constantly being distracted by my phone.

It’s kind of a fine line here, and I don’t want to be hypocritical. After all, I have a blog. And I know that my everyday life isn’t exactly the most riveting thing to read. But still, it’s a little bit different, because blogs usually aren’t updated as often as Twitter things are. Also there’s a little bit more room to work with around here, because I’m not limited to characters. And I’m not reporting in real time.

I don’t know. There are just so many reason why I don’t understand it.

A couple of friends I knew in high school have had babies recently, and their favorite pasttimes have been to update pregnancy and delivery information all the time. I mean, there’s nothing wrong at all with posting pictures of the new baby on your Facebook. What maybe crosses the line is when you update your status with how many centimeters your cervix is dilated. T.M.I. Also, I do not care to see pictures of your baby still covered in fluid and gross stuff. Babies are cute, but it takes a few hours for them to get that way. It’s just a little information overload. The miracle of life is a beautiful thing, but I really don’t think everyone wants to witness it. Especially when they can tell you’re updating Twitter from your hospital bed. Aren’t there more important things to do? And even though it’s probably going to be obsolete, I don’t know if kids would really appreciate knowing their first few hours of life were displayed on Facebook. Just a thought.

I feel old-fashioned. Well, not exactly that old, because I’m pretty updated with current technology. But I just can’t get on board with the Twitter thing. I just really don’t get it.


25 Sep

So I have a new obsession. It’s called Polyvore, and it’s basically a free Internet version of my dream job, which is styling for a fashion magazine. It’s pretty amazing. They have photos of thousands of clothing items, shoes, jewelry, bags, accessories, and you get to put them together to create looks. The one thing bad about it is that I don’t actually have the clothes I’m finding. But it’s still fun. I’m not going to get anything done anymore.

A sample of my handiwork:

Theater - Polyvore - Windows Internet Explorer 9262009 124154 AM.bmp

Lunch with Friends - Polyvore - Windows Internet Explorer 9262009 124454 AM.bmp

Premiere Event

24 Sep

Can we please talk about how excited I am that The Office is back? Well, we’re going to. I love it. Summer gets to be so boring without my favorite TV bringing me new episodes of hilarity. Life just isn’t the same without it. True, I have it on DVD, so I can always watch the reruns commercial-free at my own convenience, but still. New episodes! You can’t beat that!

That’s pretty much it. I didn’t have much else to say today, but I wanted to make sure everyone knew how happy I am to watch The Office again!

Better Look Next Time…

23 Sep

I’ve never been a good judge of age. Now we can add bad judge of gender to that list. OK, not in most circumstances, but at least today I was.

At work today, there was a kid playing around downstairs, wearing clothing that wasn’t really gender-specific. This kid had tanned skin and shoulder-length curly hair. And I mean curly. It was dark brown with a few highlights and was quite pretty. Sounds like a girl, right?


I was cleaning the boy’s bathroom when he walked up tot he door and said he needed to go to the bathroom. So I pointed him in the direction of the girl’s bathroom right next door. Come to find out, he’s not a girl. He didn’t seem too upset about it – in fact he said he often gets mistaken for a girl – but I still felt terrible. It’s one thing to not be able to tell how old a person is by looking. It’s an entirely different issue to be unable to tell a person’s gender.


Ten Things Tuesday – September 22

22 Sep

In the midst of my travels this past weekend, I somehow managed to lose my deodorant. Considering that I work in a humid environment, I was quite devastated to discover that last night around midnight, when I couldn’t do anything about it. On my way home from work today I stopped to buy some more, only to discover that my favorite kind, and favorite scent, were nowhere to be found. I can’t stand to fall in love with a product or something like that, be loyal to it, and then find that it is discontinued. This is one of my biggest pet peeves, and it has also inspired my TTT list for today.

Ten discontinued things I want brought back:

1. Mary Kay Velocity Mango Spice nail polish. Hands down THE best red nail polish EVER! It was a limited edition color, and when I recently ran out I scoured Ebay and Amazon for bottles of it. I love this color and wear it more than anything. If there was just one thing I could have back, this would be it. If you can get your hands on a bottle, you will not be disappointed!

2. Secret Conditioning Solid deodorant in Silky Botanical. The product that inspired this list. This must be an uber-poppular scent, because it takes me forever to find it! It’s my favorite, but hardly anywhere I shop has it. I can usually find it at Kroger, but no such luck today.

3. Arrested Development. The most hilarious, most brilliant show you’ve probably never seen. It was on the air for three seasons, and currently they’re in the process of making a movie. I hope with all my heart this inspires them to bring the show back, much like what happened with Family Guy. Rent this. Now.

4. Jack in the Box Cheesy Macaroni Bites. Logically doesn’t sound good, realistically amazing. Probably about the unhealthiest thing you could put in your body. Wonderful at 2 in the morning.  

5. The Beatles. Yeah, I know this one’s impossible now, considering that only two of them are still living. They had a great ten-year run; I just wish it could have lasted longer.

6. Pluto. When I was in elementary school, we had a catchy little song to help us remember all the planets. It’s not relevant anymore.

7. Surge. Talk about your caffeine overdose! When we were little, my mom would limit my brother to only one of these per day, because she just couldn’t handle it if he had any more. It wasn’t my favorite, but man I wish I had a can of it right now! I’m sure it’s just horrible, but it reminds me of summers out by the public pool.

surge.jpg Surge image by CatchCharyou

8. Old School Nickelodeon shows. I miss them so much. Angry Beavers, Clarissa Explains it All, Wild and Crazy Kids, All That (before Jamie Lynn Spears ruined it), The Secret World of Alex Mack, and Snick, with the big orange couch! And of course, Face, and the incomparable Stick Stickly. Nothing was better!

9. Legends of the Hidden Temple. So epic it needed its own category. Any kid growing up in the 90’s would have killed to get on this show. And we all know we could have put together the Shrine of the Silver Monkey way better than any of those clowns who couldn’t get it right.

legends.jpg Legends of the Hidden Temple picture by Emmaawesome

10. Oreo O’s cereal. Yum. Those would definitely add a kick to my mornings!