Cookie Dough

27 Aug

I spent the entire day today making more shark attack victim cookies for a family friend. Their daughter is getting married next weekend in Cape Cod so they are preparing for several upcoming parties and such. Next Thursday they are hosting an informal Southern-style dinner for guests to take to the beach or sit around and enjoy picnic-style. I was commissioned to make shark cookies and shark attack victim cookies again after the mother heard me telling my aunt about the first batch. I made the dough last night, more than a triple batch to account for more than 100 cookies, and came down this morning to roll it out and bake it. Alas, the dough was too sticky, as there was somehow not enough flour. My grandmother and I had to quickly fix this after some minor stressing.

When the first batch came out, they stuck to they pan, as the ratio of butter to flour was now different. Parchment paper fixed this nicely, even though it was another setback that added to my stress level. I always feel pressured to get things done very quickly when working under a deadline, especially on a task I know is going to take me a long time.

After all 120 cookies were baked and cooled, I then had to ice them all. I was lucky enough to find some baby blue candy melts in our pantry, almost the exact color of the bridesmaids dresses for the wedding. These all became the bathing suits for the cookies, later completed with red blood on their various injuries. All in all this took me a good eight hours or so. The cookies were picked up a little bit ago, and they really loved them. I hope they will be a big hit at the dinner. At least they will be funny and very different. I’m thoroughly exhausted after today. And after yesterday’s intense cooking experience, I’m getting to be quite domestic and proficient in the kitchen.


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