Mastering the Art of French Cooking

26 Aug

It’s Wednesday again, and that means it’s my night to cook dinner. My plans for today were quite ambitious, but totally worth the effort. Last week we went to go see Julie and Julia, which was pretty good. Meryl Streep was, of course, wonderful. Anyway, the movie showed several different scenes making boeuf bourguignon, which looked and sounded divine. I found a recipe online for it in preparation for today. It looked like a fairly easy, although complicated recipe. When I printed it out, it was three pages long! It actually turned out to be fairly easy but was very time-consuming. It took about five or six hours to make, including browning the beef and pork lardons (which I had never heard of in my life!), sauteeing mushrooms and braising pearl onions, and letting everything simmer in beef stock and red wine for about three hours. Served over potatoes with great French bread, this was such a wonderful recipe! I’m going to have to make this again in the fall and winter, because it’s a perfect cold-weather meal.

For dessert I made the richest, possibly heaviest cake in the world: chocolate-peanut butter fudge cake. The icing wasn’t so much icing as it was chocolate fudge spread over the top. I knew my dad would like it a lot; like most men, he loves the combination of chocolate and peanut butter. It’s pretty divine. Definitely for peanut butter lovers, though, because of how rich it is.

Wednesdays are getting to be really fun around here. We do home-cooked meals almost every night, but not anything as intense as I do on my nights, usually just common, everyday fare. It’s nice to try new things and see how far you can stretch yourself in the kitchen. I’m always loved cooking and baking and I have really enjoyed getting to try things out.

In case you’re curious, you can find the recipe for boeuf bourguignon here:


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