On the Road Again

15 Aug

Drove down to Spartanburg today to drop off my loft to Cassandra and her sister, and then met Melody for a while. My parents helped my brother move in to USC for his second year, so they were not too far down the road. They didn’t leave until late, though; you’d think James couldn’t get down there fast enough, considering how he didn’t enjoy his summer hanging around Tennessee. I ended up getting to Spartanburg before they even left home!

First thing first, I met Cassandra to sell her my loft. It was a little sad to part ways; it’s been such a good, faithful bed, but I don’t have any use for it anymore. It took a little time coordinating our meeting point, because we were several exits off getting together. But we got it together eventually. It was fun to catch up with her since graduation. She and Josh got married a few weeks ago and she’s starting teaching this week. It’s forever weird to think that my friends are married and getting real jobs. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to it.

After that I met Melody at Converse to run around for the day. We went to the farmer’s market, where I got this really great soy and almond oil lotion. It’s kind of sticky and doesn’t smell the best, but it’s kind of a cure-all for everything, like Windex in a jar. My skin looks good! We went downtown for a bit, where Melody had a little mishap with the car door next to her. It admittedly wasn’t one of her best days. After some window shopping, we went to eat at the Deli, which I’d only been to once before. I had an amazing sandwich and strawberry tea. I kinda wish they were up here so I could eat there more often.

After lunch we had planned to go make s’mores down by the river, but we had to cut that short. So Melody and I parted ways, and I went down to TJ Maxx. I found a really cute black shirt with white piping and a bow on one shoulder. Hopefully I’ll get to wear it soon, because I really like it. I decided to be good and not spend too much money, so after that I headed on home.

The drive down and back up were both nice, not too much traffic. Coming back there was some crazy rain when I was going over the mountan. There were some intense, dark patches of rain, and then it would quit 30 seconds later. The sun was shining on one side while the other side was dark and ominous. Light rain and then heavy rain so bad that you almost had to pull off to the side of the road. I’ve never driven through anything like that. It was weird, for sure.

Got home and Grandmother and I had leftovers for dinner. My mom and dad spent the night in Columbia, so it was just the two of us in the house. I expected it to be a little bit awkward, but it really wasn’t. We lounged around watching TV, and then went to Dairy Queen for dessert. My family is recently obsessed with those Girl Scout cookie blizzards; my dad particularly loves the Tagalong. So Grandmother and I went there for some ice cream, and it did not disappoint. I’m now extremely tired, after a very good (but long) day of traveling, seeing old friends, good food, and shopping. All in all not bad, and definitely more exciting than my usual days of late!


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