12 Aug

Today was week two of my weekly dinner prep. There wasn’t any real theme this week, seeing as how I kind of set the bar high last week with Shark Week. The only thing to tie tonight’s dinner together was that all the recipes happened to be from Paula Deen. I had planned on making just her beef stroganoff, and then found some other stuff I thought would be really good. I ended up making the beef stroganoff, cheesy squash casserole, and red velvet bread pudding. The pudding was by far the best of the whole meal, although all three recipes are definitely worth checking out. I’m a big fan of red velvet cake, as is my brother. I noticed a very large chunk missing from it earlier, and I’m positive he was the culprit. I guess that’s a big kitchen compliment, when your brother, who never eats dinner with the family, sneaks down into the kitchen to eat your red velvet cake dessert. I was happy.

Here are links to the recipes, all of which you should check out. They’re really good:


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