On the Market

6 Aug

I’ve spent the last few hours looking at jobs online. I found two that I sent in applications for, so hopefully I will hear something about those. One of them was for an expressive therapy position, which would be great experience going into grad school. I really hope something comes out of that. I need something to do with my life. I’m extremely bored, and have student loans to start paying off in a few months. A job would be great.

I feel like I should have been more diligent and persistent with my job opportunities, but I know there just aren’t that many people hiring right now. It’s not a good time to be looking for jobs. And in this area, they’re all looking for certified health care professionals. Which I am not. I should have majored in physical or occupational therapy, nursing, or pharmacy, because those seem to be the only positions available around here.

I guess you just have to put yourself out there! I’m planning on sending out some more resumes tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll hear something soon. There’s one job in particular that I’m very interested in and would take in a heartbeat. It sounds like I’d be qualified for it. I don’t want to take something else, get too many offers, and miss out on something. I’d really hate to take another job and then hear back from one I had really hoped to get.

Guess we’ll just have to see what comes along. Cross your fingers!


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