Ten Things Tuesday – August 4

4 Aug

Top ten things I would do if I had superpowers:

1. If I had the ability to fly, I would travel all over the world. No need to worry about airport security, weird airline food, or getting stuck next to the boring guy who wants to talk to you the entire flight. Plus it would be free. And kind of like your own live version of Google Earth.

2. If I had the power of invisibility, I would sneak around and move things. Subtle little changes, like switching things in cabinets and on shelves. I would probably also spy on conversations and sneak into movies free. Not ot mention all the FM mischief that could get accomplished…

3. If I had laser vision, I would shoot people that made me mad. Actually this probably already happens.

4. If I had the power to read minds, I’d go on a big search for my soulmate, if he exists.

5. If I had the ability to disentigrate matter, I would blow up garbage. I mean, I know through the laws of matter or whatever there would still be the same amount of matter there, but at least it would be dust, and we could use that for something, maybe? Anyway, I would try and reduce waste.

6. If I had the ability to travel through time, I would probably never live in the present. I’d go back to live in the 60’s, in a Medieval castle, in ancient Greece, in turn-of-the-century France. I’d definitely find all the famous artists from all over history. Not sure that I would go to the future though; I’d at least like to keep that a mystery.

7. If I had the power to shapeshift, I would like to experience life as different animals or trees, probably. Maybe even different people, who knows. Just get out of my own skin for a while, see life from a new angle.

8. If I had the power to heal, of course I would try to eradicate diseases like AIDS, conditions like cancer, and people suffering from malnutrition.

9. If I had superhuman reflexes, I would never spill anything again.

10. If I had the power of invincibility, I would stand in the middle of the freeway and jump out in front of cars, just to freak them out.


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