Such a Silly Game We Play

31 Jul

I’ve been thinking a lot about love lately. Quite a few people I know from school have gotten married this sumer (because, let’s face it, it’s wedding season), they’re playing a marathon of Say Yes to the Dress today on TLC, and it’s been a while since I’ve dated anyone or been in love. I think it’s getting to be my turn. For a long time I’ve felt like I was ready to be dating again, especially now that I’m not in school. I think had I dated anyone while in college I would have just gone crazy, because that kind of thing really takes work to make it good and worthwhile. I couldn’t have devoted that much time to both school and academics. So, I feel like I’m at a good point in my life to put myself out there.

The probem is, there aren’t a lot of good places around here to meet people, especially not ones who will turn into quality relationships. I talked to Akinya earlier today, and she said she just broke up with her boyfriend and is getting some of her other friends to get her the hook-up. I don’t really have any friends that could do this (at least, none come to mind immediately). I guess I just need to branch out more around here; most of my friends from high school don’t live here anymore, and the ones that do are very busy with their own lives, whether that be school, working, or families. It’s hard because I don’t really feel like this is home anymore. At least, not the same kind of home that it used to be. My school life and my Tennessee life don’t really intersect, and that’s difficult. I have friends in many places, but I feel like I’m not fully a part of a life up here. It’s definitely going to be an interesting year, trying to find my place again.

I’ll just have to carve it out for myself.


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