Dinner Party

30 Jul

Had dinner with Nikki and Amanda at Nikki’s condo tonight. She cooked, and it was a delicious meal. When I first got there, there was a bit of confusion and stress, because Nikki was accidentally burning something both on her stove and in the oven. Something about them both being used at once didn’t quite agree with the appliance. Anyway, I got there and the apartment was filled a little with smoke, and Nikki was in a tizzy. But dinner turned out to be quite good. We had some sort of pasta dish, with penne, tomatoes, breaded chicken, and cheese, as well as roasted asparagus and sweet potato fries. Very delicious dinner, I must say.

After eating we watched the movie Circle of Friends, which neither Amanda nor I had ever heard of. It was pretty good, as movies go. I think one of the characters wins the award for the worst best friend ever. You’ll just have to watch it if you want to see what I mean, because it’s a big spoiler.

Amanda had to leave early to get to bed, because she’s exhausted after a few days of traveling, early mornings babysitting, a week of house-sitting, as well as her regular job. Nikki and I sat around discussing my plans for the future and the funny things about life and movies. I think we could both be movie critics; between the two of us, we’ve seen just about everything out there.

Just got back not too long ago, and am thinking about a late-night dessert snack. Hopefully there is something remotely resembling ice cream downstairs. Am going to assess that situation very soon. I’m copying my mom’s Robin Thicke CDs onto my iTunes, also listening to Flogging Molly, and deciding which movie I’m going to watch tonight. Have been watching Monsoon Wedding all day on Netflix, just got Elizabeth in the mail, and still have a few of James’ movies in here. Hmm, what a dilemma!


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