Brotherly Love

20 Jul

James has been in a bad mood for about three weeks now. I don’t know what his problem is, but I’m tired of it. He’s been an incredible douche, especially these last few days. My whole life he’s always been the antagonizer, always starting the trouble (and consequently getting in trouble). He had kind of outgrown this for a while, but I’m really about to murder him. I don’t know if it’s the whole first summer home after a year away at college and back to living in captivity or something else. Maybe it’s the fact that he does nothing all day except play video games in his room (I think this is getting to be an unhealthy level. Unless he’s working, he’s ALWAYS in his room on those games). I don’t know the source, but I don’t like it.

He’s been in such a bad, arrogant, sarcastic mood. He picks fights with everyone in my family, and treats us all like dirt. And he argues with everything, so he manipulates everyone around him. He doesn’t really get along with or respect any of us. He doesn’t talk to any of us, just holes up in his room.

But then, he gets really angry and hurt if we don’t invite him to do everything. Not that he ever accepts, ever, but he still wants to be invited to do everything: going to the movies, watching things on TV, getting ice cream, making a sandwich, going to the grocery store. Anything and everything. Of course, he says no, every single time. Heaven forbid we not invite him; he’s rude every time we ask him anything. It’s not like any of us want to be around him at all anyway.

He’s always in such a bad mood. And kind of sociopathic in the sense that he says and does things with no regard to how they affect other people. He’s not the good kind of sociopath, like Melody.

I have no idea what’s going on with him. But I really hope he snaps out of it, because he’s making all of us miserable. I’m really over it.


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