In the Daylight Anywhere Feels Like Home

15 Jul

Today has been an exceptionally eventful day. I managed to wake up at a semi-decent hour – that is, before noon. Still not as early as I would like; ideally I would get up around 9:30 and not feel so much like I had wasted my morning. James and I had tickets to see Harry Potter at 12:30, so I had extra motivation to be awake on time. I must say, there wasn’t much about the movie that disappointed. There were, of course, some things I would have included that were most unfortunately left out. Had I been directing, I would definitely have included more of the Penseive memories Harry explores with Dumbledore, because these really are vital to the story. But as Harry Potter movies go, this one was by far the best. Definitely much darker in some ways, and lighter in others. It was nice to see some more everyday Hogwarts life, as was written in the book as well. I think the sixth book very much has its own tone from the rest of the series.

It was quite an emotional ride, I must say, because I knew this was Dumbledore’s last great adventure. I knew it was coming all along, and yet it was still hard to watch. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the Harry Potter Alliance and the messages of love and acceptance the books teach us. There is just so much good to be learned from them, I really could never say enough to encompass everything I feel about them. In addition to being a brilliant fantasy series, there are many real-life lessons to be learned. It always makes me rethink my priorities every time I read an HP book or watch a movie. I should be fighting injustice. I should be accepting and loving to everyone. I should try to learn from the people around me. I should never, ever be afraid to say “I love you.”

I just might have to stop now, because I might get a little weepy. I just cannot express in words the overwhelming love and respect I have for everything about the world of Harry Potter. I have been truly blessed to grow up with him in my life, and it gives me hope that future generations will discover him in their own time. My only despair is that they will never know the excitement and anticipation that goes along with the release of a new book. Going to Barnes and Noble at midnight to get your copy, staying up for 24+ hours later reading it, eagerly anticipating and yearning to know more. I consider myself lucky to have grown up in a world where these things happened. Such great memories.

When I read all seven of the books in a row last summer, I didn’t remember liking Half-Blood Prince as much as I did. I think I just wasn’t as familiar with it – I hadn’t listened to it on long car trips, hadn’t read it more than once. The second time around I was so pleasantly surprised to discover the gem of the entire saga. My favorite will forever be the third book, but the sixth installment is truly a masterpiece. I will be going to see the movie again soon with my mom, and I really can’t wait to see more! This of course only makes me want Deathly Hallows all the more. I have a feeling it’s not going to be long before I go back and read them all again. It might be my annual summer pasttime.

Speaking of summer pasttimes, I finally went out on the boat with my dad. He’s been asking me for a while to go, but of course he always picks the most inopportune times. I’m always doing something when he gets around to asking, so today, seeing as I have nothing better to do with my life, we went out to the lake. It was quite peaceful out there. My dad caught one fish, a bass that was actually pretty large. Of course he sent pictures of it to everyone; it’s his tradition to text fish pictures every time he catches one. It was pretty overcast outside, so I didn’t get much sun. My poor pale skin looks almost ghostly compared to the rest of my family. I come back from Governor’s School to find everyone tanned quite nicely, while I am still pretty white from being cooped up in a painting studio all day. I shouldn’t complain, because really I loved those hours spent. Watching everyone paint, listening to music, ordering sushi, reading FMLs out loud to my painters – it was THE place to be in the art building. Those were the days. I miss it terribly already.

I had to come upstairs to escape the incessant interrogations and suggestions of my parents about my future and prospective jobs. They both have their opinions about what I need to do while I wait on grad school: apply to work here, go talk to my friend there, ask about loans here, apply to have a company pay for your school in exchange for work. Blah, blah, blah. I really just want to do my own thing. Que sera, sera, I say. They don’t say that, though. My mom even suggested I join the Army Reserves as a way to pay off my loans. While I respect that commitment, I know that’s definitely not for me! I truly cannot see myself working for the military. I’m already skeptical enough of the government; I’m not about to commit myself to something I don’t truly believe in. More than anything, I’m a pacifist. There is a time and place for confrontation and military action, but I have no part in that. The best I can do in that realm is to offer my services, as a therapist, in treating PTSD in those returning from combat. Otherwise, no thank you!

My parents must really be concerned that I have lost all my life’s ambitions, because they actually suggested I write regular columns for papers! Can you imagine? I mean, I don’t think I’m the world’s worst writer, but really. Me, writing professionally? Right. They also said I should start a blog…

Well, OBVIOUSLY they don’t know about this one.

I’m not worried about the future. And in the past, the fact that I’m not worried would concern me. But not now. I’m at peace with my decisions. I have no idea what I’ll be doing with my life the next year, but it doesn’t matter. At this point, I can do whatever I want. Go wherever I want, whenever I want. Life is about seizing opportunities. And right now, I have the opportunity to just exist, and that’s it. And that’s just what I want to do, for now. I’ll sort it out eventually, but for the moment, I just enjoy being myself, and the summer, and the lake, and the books, and the movies, and the blogging, and the friends, and the family, and everything else that makes life worth living.


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