Blowin’ in the Wind

10 Jul

My dad has asked me THREE times in the last 24 hours about my plans now that Governor’s School is over. I’m so irritated with him about this. He’s the type of person who always has to have a new plan, a new goal, something else he’s doing. I, on the other hand, feel that after working my ass off in school for 17 years trying to please him, deserve a break for a while.

When I graduated, I thought I’d go to Governor’s School, come back, and then look for a job to do for about a year while I apply to grad schools. The minute I get back from MTSU, it’s more interrogation about the GRE, am I researching schools, what do I want to do with my life, what am I doing next week, where am I going. I’m so TIRED of it! Please just leave me alone!

I don’t think my dad really understands that I’m NOT the same person he is. I don’t have the same goals and I don’t have the same life. There are things that I would like to do, but for now, I just want to have a summer to myself! I haven’t had a period of time to just exist, with nothing to do, in my entire life. It’s kind of nice. I’m not planning on becoming a professional loafer, but he’s seriously got to give me my space. It’s getting annoying. Every single day since I’ve been back, there’s some sort of question about my bank account/credit card statement, looking for jobs, looking for schools, general grown-up stuff that I don’t have figure out yet. I’m honestly not that worried about not having a plan. It’s kind of nice, for once, to just see where the wind takes me. I actually LIKE having the freedom to do what I want for a while, and to be my own person without having to worry about writing papers or getting to work on time.

I’ll get there some day. Just not today. And until then, I just want to do what I want!


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