5 Jul

So much going on! I’ve been at Akinya’s house for a few days now, and we’re having a lot of fun. Her family is crazy, and loud, and I love it. I love my family, but they are definitely much quieter and keep to themselves more. Akinya has three sisters and had a lot of family over for 4th of July.

We’ve been doing a lot of shopping and I’ve gotten to see quite a bit of Nashville. I feel so hip now, knowing about all the hotspots in town (ish) and spending my hard-earned money on adorable clothes. I’m going to need a bigger closet. I really love all the styles out right now, the watercolor abstract and floral prints, the ethnic patterns, the great embellishments on necklines and hemlines. The glittering jewels and natural stones. It’s all so lovely. I’m glad I’m a girl. I think I could make a career out of being a personal shopper. As long as I got to do some for myself. I need to marry rich, to support my insatiable shopping habits. I’m no good at saving money!

Tonight I met Morgan downtown for dinner and coffee. We went to South Street, which had really good seafood and steaks. We both got shrimp po’ boys. Haven’t had good Cajun food in a long time. Ever since my grandmother left Louisiana, I haven’t had much reason to go down there. I’ll have to get down there soon and have some authentic Cajun cuisine, because there’s nothing else like it in the world. Seeing Morgan was great. We told each other about our summers and caught up with Converse stories. It’s going to be weird this fall, knowing they’re all going back without me. Not that I’m terribly sad; I’m ready to do something different. But just knowing that that world will still exist without me seems a little empty somehow. I want to make a couple of trips down to see them, and visit all my friends now living in various other locations, as well.

Nashville seems like a nice enough town. Not too big, but just big enough to have some interesting things going on. I’m excited about the possibility of moving to an actual city soon, where things other than Wal-Mart and Jack-in-the-Box stay open past 10 at night. With art galleries and good restaurants and bars and quirky shopping and fun music events. I need some more culture in my life.

Speaking of that, I found a place downtown that I HAVE to go in the next time I’m here. I found the Full Moon Saloon on Broadway, and I feel like there should be a mini-reunion there. Drinking some Blue Moons or putting back some moon-related shots. Sounds good to me!

As fun as it’s been here, I have to get on home tomorrow. My life the past four weeks has been so different. I’m kind of not ready to go back.


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