Round Two

1 Jul

Tonight was sushi party, round two. Except that tonight was even bigger.

This morning the visual art kids had their final exam in art appreciation, so they are completely done with everything for the finale tomorrow. They’ve worked really hard and we decided to give them another break. This afternoon we took them all to the Frist to see the big Chuck Close exhibition. I’m pretty sure it’s the same one that I saw in Knoxville a few years ago in high school. It was so incredible! There were finished prints as well as ones still in process in order to demonstrate his technique. One of the great things about Close is that he works so large, so there are many different levels to his work. Up close, they look one way, while far away they look entirely different. His scale and process are both pretty amazing.

Akinya and I drove separately from the bus so we could pick up sushi on the way back. We took orders from about 20 kids and called it in. We got even more food this time and took a picture of it all spread out on the table. If you want to see it, you should check out my 365 post from today. This really is about the best sushi I’ve had. I’ve been craving it so much recently, and been able to get so much of it! I’m really making up for lost time after several recent sushi disappointments.

Tonight we also watched Make-Out with Violence, an independent zombie movie made by former Governor’s School students. We had watched the preview a few weeks ago and were very interested in watching it. It was pretty good; weird, but interesting. I don’t know anything about zombies at all, so I felt a little lost. But still, it was worth watching once. And the soundtrack was so good!


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