27 Jun

A random sampling of some of the recent dreams from my dream journal:

I dreamt that Baird was trying to change his schedule so that he could take marching band. I don’t know what instrument he wanted to play, though…….

I dreamt that Donnie Barnett built me an art studio. It was huge, too…..all kinds of shelves and lots of windows. For some reason there were lots of bags of plaster for doing sculpture work, and there was a really big shelf of Cheez-its……..

I dreamt that I was going through the dairy queen drive-through on a gurney. And James is pushing me. Baird asked me what I ordered, which honestly I don’t know, but I remember that the total was $1.08. and I got change back. All coins.

I had a very odd dream invovling Mr. Sayers (my student teacher in AP American junior year) chasing me through a school built out of the woods…….he was limping, kind of, and I was running in slow motion. He was wearing his full outfit….vest, watch, cross, hat, everything. He had a very crazy look on his face.


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