Day 1

7 Jun

Today has been an exceptionally long day. All the students moved in to Gov’s School today, so it’s like doing Orientation all over again. Tons of questions from students and parents, people getting lost, scheduling questions, you name it. I’m really excited, though. I just had my first hall meeting with the girls I’m in charge of in the dorms, and they seem like a good group. They’re all very different but hopefully will get along well.

Tomorrow might be even longer than today was, because they are all starting classes tomorrow. I’m helping the painting teacher, and I’m actually going to be pretty much co-teaching/facilitating the classes. I’m both very nervous and very thrilled about this. I met with the professor, Michelle, for a long time today, and we have a lot in common. I think she’s psyched about us being paired together and is really going to let me do some amazing stuff.

As counselors, we can also do some workshops later in an area of our expertise. I’m thinking about doing a session on the psychological impact of art, just the art for art’s sake deal. Kind of like having an art therapy session, but more focused on the art output. I’ll have to work on it some more and work out some of the details, but I think it could be really interesting and offer a unique perspective on art careers.

Got to get in bed before I pass out. Insanely busy day tomorrow!


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