Ten Things Tuesday – May 26

26 May

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything at all, mostly because there hasn’t been much of interest going on. I thought for today’s list I would give a bit of an update on what I’ve been doing with my summer so far (which isn’t much), and the things I have planned for later. I guess today’s list should be titled “Laura’s Summer To-Do List”

1. Cleaning my room. It took me a good four or five days to get everything situated how I wanted. I had both my dorm room’s worth of stuff and my room at home’s worth of stuff to consolidate. Tons and tons of books and movies, and more art supplies than I know what to do with right now. I think I can start my own art studio. I threw away several bags of trash, just random stuff that I really don’t need anymore. I also have a big pile of clothes for charity, and I really think I could stand to get rid of some more t-shirts. College will certainly help you accumulate them.

2. Seeing old friends. I spent the night with Amanda the other day and had lunch with Katie this afternoon. I haven’t kept in touch with Katie as much as some other high school friends, so it was really nice to catch up with her. She’s getting married in December, and it’s so weird! I still don’t feel old enough to have married friends, but I do now. I really want to hang out with my old friends in the coming year. I’ve missed them, and it’s fun to see what they’ve been up to for four years.

3. Helping my mom at school. She’s moving classrooms soon, and I’ve been helping her pack up her closet. She has more books in there than probably any other teacher in that school, except the librarian. It took two days of solid work to clean out everything she was storing in there. Some of it was inherited from the teacher who was in her room before she was, and she hadn’t even seen some of that stuff! She’s purged a lot of stuff from her life, too. This weekend wasn’t that bad because she just had some chicks hatch in her room that they had been incubating. They were so cute, and it was so interesting to watch them hatch!

4. Buying stuff on ebay. I’ve spent way too much money in the last three days. But I figure, I sold a lot at my show, I’ve worked hard for four years, I deserve to buy myself some presents! As if I didn’t already have an impressive movie collection already, it’s getting quite massive. Online shopping will probably be my undoing.

5. Finding a job. Easier said than done, in today’s economy. I haven’t been looking so far, because I’m packing up again to work at Governor’s School in about a week and a half, so there’s really no need to find anything just yet. I’ts been weird to be at home and have my days completely free and unstructured, no sort of schedule whatsoever. It’s been nice, because I haven’t had this much of a break in about three years. It’s either been school or working, so it’s nice to have nothing to do for a change.

6. Start dating again. I don’t have many hopes of finding love around here in Tennessee, but it’s been a while and I think I’m ready to have boys in my life again. I’m pretty much socially awkward after spending four years with just girls, so hopefully I won’t scare the boys off.

7. Start grad school applications. If I’m going to be starting school again next fall, I really need to get my portfolio together now, and sign up for that pesky GRE, and get my applications together! Grad school is way more imvolved and complicated than applying to undergrad. It’s going to take a lot of time, and I should get started sometime this summer!

8. Eat healthy. Now that I’m not dependent on a dining hall, I can actually control the nutritional content of my food. It’s nice to be at home and have meals cooked for you, but at the same time, I need something more nutritionally balanced than my grandmother’s cooking (which, let’s face it, is not terrific, not like normal grandmothers’ cooking).

9. Movie marathons! I’ve always wanted to sit down and spend a weekend watching the great movie series: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Godfather, etc. I’ve seen most of those movies separately, or in bits and pieces, But never all together, as a complete series. I really want to get them and just have a movie-trilogy marathon. I think that would be fun, and not at all a waste of time! I really hope I have time this summer to put a good dent in my book list, and some of the ones on my shelf that I haven’t gotten around to yet. I kind of think I could start my own library by now.

10. Enter art shows. I had so much fun working my art show (even though it was a TON of work) that it really made me want to enter more shows. I don’t think I’ll have another exhibition like I just did, but it would be fun to put my work out there and try to sell some more. Hopefully this next year will be really productive creatively, and I’ll paint things I’m willing to sell. Selling art is like getting rid of children, selling a little piece of yourself. But at the same time, that money coming in sure is nice!

And an extra #11, which completely negates the whole living at home and saving money deal, is traveling. I really want to go on some big, cross-country road trip. I have a lot of friends moving all over the country, to places I really want to visit, so visiting them would be such a great way to see these new places! I’m itching to go on another trip somewhere. I think it’s a summertime thing.


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