Ten Things Tuesday – May 19

19 May

Ten favorite college memories, in honor of my recent graduation:

1. Drinking on the roof of Main Hall. And other general badass-ness.

2. Fountain hopping with big and little sisters. A tradition we always carry on right after BS/LS reveal.

3. Finding Lindsay’s fingernails on the breakfast machine. By far one of the weirdest questions/situations ever.

4. Mouse catching in Pell. We came back to our room after Christmas and had some visitors. We caught one of them and set it free at a lake, and the others we drove awyay with peppermint oil. Our whole hallway smelled like candy canes.

5. Nights at the Brasserie, especially peeling the banana on the bar. I’m really going to miss that place.

6. Random driving nights with Melody. I swear I’m going to die in her car one day. I got to see a lot more of Spartanburg than I otherwise would have.

7. Summer ’08 in the Nolia. Oh man. What a crazy three months!

8. Burrito Boy and Gordita Girl. One of the greatest works of fiction ever written!

9. Spain and France ’08. I fell in love with Barcelona, found my favorite wine, and made some great friends!

10. Graduation week. From Mallory getting attacked with cake at B. Flem’s house, to Candlelight, my SADAC party, insane packing delirium, Hats Off, Graduation, everything. I’ll never forget it.


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