It’s Been a While…

18 May

The last four days have been so busy. I spent all of Friday packing and getting ready to move out of my room for the last time. My family came down for graduation festivities (Baccalaureate and Hats Off) on Friday night. We went to dinner with Mari’s family and Lindsay. We went to Capri’s for Italian food, and it was really good. After dinner we went back to our rooms and continued packing while we watched the season finales of Friends and Will and Grace. Mari and I were going to watch The Breakfast Club, because that was the very first movie we watched together as roommates. But she couldn’t find it, so we ended up watching the TV show finales instead.

Saturday was graduation, and it was such a crazy day! We got up early and got ready to be in the dining hall by 9:00. The ceremony was really nice, but kind of felt like a blur. Not as much as my high school graduation, which dragged on forever. It felt so good to finally walk across the stage and see all my hard work finally pay off after so long. That little diploma is the most expensive thing I own; that silly little piece of paper that represents four years of hard work and two degrees. Funny way of putting it, I guess.

After graduation we spent the afternoon packing up our cars and driving back home. It was a nice drive; my mom drove my car for me because I was too exhausted to drive myself. We had a nice conversation in the car on the way, and I told her all about FM. Yeah, I can say it now. I was in Full Moon. More about that some other time, though. Leaving my friends was hard, and I will really miss them. I wonder if they can say the same for me. With all of us being so busy the last few weeks, there hasn’t been a lot of free time. Especially for me, I haven’t really seen much of my friends lately, and it feels like there’s distance between us. I hope we keep in touch, because I can’t imagine my life without these people.

I didn’t go outside at all yesterday because I spent the entire day cleaning my room and putting up my clothes and being very lazy. I don’t think anyone in my family left the house at all yesterday. I got all my clothes put up, which freed up about three bags. There’s still tons of stuff all over my room and then some in the garage. My big plan is to clean stuff out of my room before I bring in anything else. There are tons of old papers and school books and art supplies that have got to go before I can bring in the dorm stuff to my room. I swear I could start my own art studio by now. Being a pack rat is definitely a plus for an artist, but sucks when trying to organize anything. At least I have clothes to wear that I can find.

Today I’m babysitting for the first time in probably four and a half years. I’ve done some odd housesitting jobs in recent years, but it’s been a while since I’ve done any babysitting. I didn’t know anyone well enough to babysit down at school, and pretty much all the kids I used to watch are now old enough to babysit other kids themselves. It’s an all-day thing. I’m keeping a two-year-old girl who is just adorable. She just had her birthday and got a new sandbox, so we’ve spent a good bit of time outside today getting dirty. It’s nice to pretend to be a kid again. After so long living in an adult world, it’s nice to get back to innocence and laziness.

The weather is insane right now. It got down into the 30s last night and has been cold and foggy all day. It’s the middle of May. Really, weather? You want me to suffer through another winter when it’s only a month til summer? You need to rethink that.

On a final note, I just have to say that, after all this time, why now? Feelings of nostalgia conjuring up old memories, maybe. Whatever the case, I’m caught completely off guard.


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