2 May

Now that I’ve almost finished school, I think it’s about time to start traveling again. It’s been a little over a year since I went anywhere (foreign, that is), and I’m getting restless for some more airplane travel. In the next year, I hope to go to the AATA conference in Dallas this fall, visit Stacy in New Mexico and Katy in Boston. Not to mention visit DC (and maybe Chicago) to look at grad schools. And I still want to take that cross-country road trip at some point. Just throw some stuff and a mattress in the back of my car, take off, and see every state in the country. Yeah, that would be the life!

Instead, I’m stuck at school writing my last-ever art history paper, in the hopes of not getting too behind in my work this week. It’s going to be pretty crazy! The show is going up tomorrow night and Monday morning, then the reception on Tuesday, and then down on Wednesday. Then my big art history presentation on Thursday night (also when this current paper is due), and then a portfolio due Friday. Then tons of drawings and other things due during exam week. I think I might just die before May 16…

In other news, this morning was awards day. I was recognized as a graduate of the honors program, and also awarded the excellence in art therapy award! All the art award winners received lovely planters created by our very own ceramics professor, Zach. Mine, ironically, has fish on it. Everything about my life lately has to do with birds and fish. I think we defininitely picked the most appropriate show theme! My parents came down for the ceremony this morning, and then headed off to Columbia to get my brother, who is officially done with freshman year. That’s weird, to think he’s made it a whole year already…

Speaking of the show, I have a slight problem. I found some dresses to wear for the show and various graduation events, but now can’t decide which one I want to wear on Tuesday. Decisions, decisions…


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