A Hard Day’s Night

18 Apr

I remember my senior year of high school being extremely busy and expensive. It’s pretty much the same thing four years down the road. This weekend is no exception. Let’s just take a look, shall we?

As far as school goes, it’s hectic. The second draft of my paper is due on Monday, and I barely had a good start on my first draft. The final paper is due the 28th, so this next draft pretty much has to be finished. Then it’s putting together the big campus-wide presentation, two days after my art show. I also have several drawings to get finished here in the next few weeks for my final portfolio. I have to finish up all my hours at my internship and turn in my portfolio for that, too. And, in Non-Western art, I have a final exam and a final paper to complete. Not exactly a light load.

I’m also sending out all the invitations to my show. This means making list after list of students and faculty to send invites through campus mail, gathering addresses of my friends and family and former teachers all over the country that need invites, and local business and friends in town that need invitations to put in the window. It’s a very time-consuming task, I must say.

Socially, this weekend is crazy. Mari’s senior recital was last night. It was wonderful and it was great to see her family there. There was a big reception afterward, and then Mari, Eowyn, Jared and I went to celebrate at Hickory Tavern. Mari gave up alcohol for Lent, and then hasn’t been drinking since then really, in preparation for her recital. So, trying to be a good supportive roommate, we went out and I bought her drinks. After celebrating, I had to come back to campus at 1 in the morning and walk for an hour for Relay for Life to get some Mortar Board hours in. I’m lacking a few, and had to sign up to be supportive of my organization. It was pretty rough, though, after just eating and drinking a lot. I had driven, so I didn’t drink that much. But still, my stomach felt weird after the first 20 minutes of walking the track.

Tonight we’re going to Greenville to celebrate (belatedly) the birthdays of Laurann and Katie. Their birthdays were during spring break, and now that Mari’s recital is over we’re finally getting to celebrate with friends. And tomorrow, I’m having dinner and watching a movie with my two little sisters. We’ve been trying to get together all semester, and just now found a good time. It’s so hard to schedule anything around here, because everyone is always so busy!

The coming week isn’t any less insane, either. More recitals this week, lots of homework, and Founder’s Day on Friday. Meaning the campus will be invaded once again by lots and lots of people. Hopefully I’ll find plenty of time in the midst of all this to actually do some work. Cross your fingers.

There is also a quickly-growing pile of laundry in my closet, that really has no hope of getting cleaned.

It’s probably about time I quit blogging and actually got down to some work for the day. Just maybe.


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