Blustery Day

10 Apr

Today is rather windy and rainy, just like it usually is on Fridays. I don’t know why, but it seems like it always starts raining around here on Friday and continues throughout the weekend. I wish it wouldn’t do that, because the rain makes me lazy and unproductive. And I can’t afford to be either of those things from now on.

This morning I had a “photo shoot” for the Communications office, to be put on the new art therapy flyer that’s coming out soon. Every few years they update an information sheet on the program and ask for student testimonials. I sent one in, and they picked mine to go on the brochure. They had to take some pictures of me to go along with my statement, which was goofy but also fun. The weather was nice, overcast and a little windy, but not too bad. Luckily it was before all the rain started, and there was still good light for the pictures. I think the best pictures really are taken in overcast weather. There were some great pictures. I think I’ll use one for my 365 post today. I feel very special to have been chosen to be on the art therapy brochure! Now it’s on to more important things for the day, such as actually going to class and doing some ushering tonight. They’re doing The Sorcerer’s Apprentice tonight at the Chapman Center, and I hope it’s good! Surely ushering will go better than last time, when I was the House Manager and felt like I didn’t know what I was doing the whole time. It’s going to be a very, very busy weekend, catching up on work. I haven’t done much this week, due to having a cold and general laziness. Now that everything for my show is framed, and everything that is solely my responsibility is done, I feel like I don’t have anything else to do. Not the case, but I definitely feel like there’s nothing left for me now that such a huge task is out of the way.

I’ve almost decided that I’m not going to go to any more of my classes, because that way I will not get any more homework. If I don’t know about it, I don’t have to do it, right? I think so. I don’t think my professors would agree, though. There seems to be so little time left, and yet so much to do. There are still about a million things to coordinate for my art show, the most important being printing our invitations. Hopefully that can be done this weekend or early next week, and then we can send them out.

There are also lots of papers to write. In addition to my big art history thesis, I also have a final paper to write for Non-Western art, give a presentation in that class on Inca art, and prepare for the final. And in Drawing, I have lots of final drawings that I have to finish, some of them even matted, and two gallery reviews to do. This means actually going to a gallery and spending time looking through it and then writing about it.

Not to mention all of the little trivial tasks I have on my list of things to do, such as going to the bank, mailing some things at the post office, etc. Just little things that are usually part of a bigger project or that just need to get done. I feel much better when they’re checked off my list. I think my list is never going to end, but then I remind myself that in about five weeks, most of it will be done, and won’t matter anymore. Then the only things I’ll have to worry about will be cleaning and packing for Governor’s School and then finding another job and studying for the GRE. Hopefully my life will be far less stressful in the coming year. I think that’s something I deserve, after working very hard for four years in high school and then even harder for four years in college. One year to just work, and be at home, and do whatever I want, before I tackle grad school, will be so nice. I don’t remember a time that I didn’t need a big planner to keep up with all my assignments and my schedule and errands and mental notes. I don’t remember a time that I wasn’t extremely busy, always with something to do. But I’m very much looking forward to that.

As we get closer to the end, I feel like my time is speeding up. More and more work is piling up, and yet time slips by faster and faster, leaving no time to actually get anything done. Sometimes it seems as though the background music to my life is the instrumental part of A Day in the Life, where it’s just this cacauphony of sound, building and building until the climax. That big breaking point is going to be graduation for me. That, or a mental breakdown. This whole semester, especially these last few weeks after spring break, are really just one big buildup. Now it’s just a waiting game; time slipping quickly away, until graduation. It’s still not setting in much yet, but it will come soon enough. There’s just so much to do before then!


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