Sprint to the Finish

9 Apr

It’s amazing all the things you can get done when you actually get up on time. After going to sleep last night around 11:30, I got up at 8 and took a shower, got ready, and got to SADAC for my internship right on time this morning. It was a really good session, and the drawings we did got some great response and discussion.

Came back to school for lunch, had some meetings, made copies in the library, and am taking a break before class at 4. There’s still about a million things on my to-do list,  but I feel like I’ve already done so much today. I have quite a bit more to do later this evening, as well. I’m probaby going to crash early tonight. Up until the end of school in about 5 weeks, I’m going to be extremely busy all the time. Now that my show framing is out of the way, I kind of feel like I don’t have anything left to do. Not the case. I still have to go to classes, and do lots of work, and get everything ready with Katy for the rest of my show, and write my senior paper. At least everything that is solely my responsibility for the show is overwith, though.

This is probably a sign that I need to get to bed earlier than I susually do, in order to wake up on time and be extremely productive during the day. I’m one of those people that can only function well after getting adequate sleep. Anything less and I’m performing at around 70%, at best. Guess this means my days as an extreme night owl are over.

I think I’m going to spend the three weeks between graduation and Governor’s School completely passed out. It’s a big sprint to the finish. Four years pretty much summed up in the next four weeks. I hope I come out on top.


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