Errand Girl

30 Mar

My to-do list for today, which was very time-specific.

Go to bank and deposit Mom’s check
Drive to Hobby Lobby in Kingsport to buy mats
     Eat breakfast on the way
Back to JC for haircut at 11:30
Back to the bank to deposit more money
Take custom framing order to Michael’s
     Buy two extra frames I forgot yesterday
Come home for lunch
Mat and frame all afternoon
Wait tediously for dinner to be served much later than my stomach is programmed to get hungry
More matting and framing
Call James to wish him happy birthday

Doesn’t this all sound like fun? At least I was out of the house all morning. And, I now have everything I need to completely mat and frame my show. So hopefully no more running around for that stuff; I can just spend hours actually getting down to the work. Sometimes half the work (and half the fun) is just finding and collecting everything. Now that that’s overwith, I actually have to do something productive.

I really love making to-do lists. I wouldn’t get anything done if it wasn’t for them or my planner. Sometimes, though, when I’ve made a very detailed list and written out every little thing I have to remember (even something as miniscule as ’email x’ or ‘take vitamin’), I think that should be it. My list is made, and it’s beautiful. Now there’s no more work to do. It was a big effort to extract everything from my brain and write it down, and that should be it. I should be applauded for creating such a great list, and then shouldn’t be expected to do any of the things on it.

Life doesn’t work that way, though. Oh, well. Back to the grind!


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