Mat-erial Girl

29 Mar

Today I’ve spent a good bit of time working on matting and framing, without actually doing any of it. Mostly just planning right now. I’m getting up bright and early in the morning to drive to Hobby Lobby to get the rest of my mat board. Then to Michael’s to get the pieces custom-framed that I can’t do myself. I’ve only been home for two days but I’ve already been incrediby busy. Hopefully I can get this framing business knocked out by Tuesday night, and then can concentrate on other projects that don’t involve so much running around or intensive labor. You know, just writing the first draft of my paper; no big deal.

We bought all the frames (at least, I hope all) for my pieces, so all that’s left now is to get and cut the mats. This is the most complicated part, because it’s really obvious when you mess up. I hope I don’t do that; I fiddled with my mat cutter enough yesterday to get the hang of it, so there shouldn’t be any fiascos. My family has been incredibly helpful throughout all of this. It’s a big time and financial strain on them, and I’m really lucky that they’re so supportive!

Hope everyone who is currently on spring break is actually having something of a break! Not so much for me. But my senior show is going to be so great!


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