Out Like a Lamb?

26 Mar

I am very tired of winter weather, and seeing as it’s now officially spring (as of last week), there is no excuse for cold and rain anymore. But the weather doesn’t seem to be listening, or paying attention to itself. It’s very cold and rainy here today, which is the second straight day of rain. I don’t know how much more of this I can handle. Around here, it never rains for a few hours and then quits; it’s always two or three days straight of rain. Not fun. I’m so tired of being cold. I just want to be warm and be able to wear skirts again without all of my leg hair growing back in about five minutes!

Next week is spring break, and I’m hoping and praying that it’s going to be nice. Not that I’m doing anything remotely fun or relaxing…mostly catching up on schoolwork and framing everything for my show in a few weeks. Sounds like fun, huh? But at least it will feel more like spring break if there’s actually spring weather, rather than the extremely unwelcome return of winter. What a concept!

On that note, hasn’t it been about six weeks since that darn groundhog came out? Or maybe more than that? I think so. Winter, listen up. You should move south now, and bother the Australians for a while, OK?

The combination of the cold and rain paired with the fact that I went to bed late and got up really early very much makes me want to nap. I’m not much of a nap-taker, but my bed is looking really promising right now. I could get a quick one in before my 4:00 class…

It’s amazing how much freshman and senior years of college are just like preschool. All you want to do is nap all day long. I haven’t done much of my independent work lately, because I’m not motivated and have been extremely lazy. I think it’s a combination of major senioritis and changing weather. The natural world can’t make up its mind if it wants to be warm or cold; either way, I’m either suffering from spring fever or fighting the hibernation tendencies of winter. I can’t really win.


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