Dream Come True

23 Mar

I’ve decided to officially accept the position at Governor’s School for the summer. I’m so excited! I got inspired by going through the journal that I kept there, almost a full five years ago. I wrote a lot about my experience as a student there, and rereading that really made me want to apply to be a counselor there. I’m sure it will be really different, but I’m excited to see the other side of it. They’ve apparently built a new art building since I was there; we were the last Gov’s School group to be in the art barn. I have an amazing pinhole photo of the building, that they would probably love to see. I remember the art counselors showing slides of their work, so maybe I’ll get to do that, as well. I can also take my journal/sketchbook back with me, which I got there. I’ll have to post pictures from it soon; I’ve been working on it lately and have almost filled it up. It’s literally bursting at its seams now.

It’s a four week program, so I’ll have to find some sort of job once it’s over. But I just couldn’t pass this up; it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend Governor’s School (because you can only apply once), and now it’s my one and only chance to work there! I simply can’t pass it up.

Camp counselor. That’s something else to cross off my bucket list!


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