22 Mar

Last night was more fun than I’ve had in a very long time. Just goes to show you that your day can turn around if you only give it time. After the show yesterday, the cast had to strike the set, and then after that a good many of them (and myself) went out to the Brasserie to celebrate. They kept it open til 2 am just for us, because one of the guys in the cast is a regular there. Turns out the owner and the bartender were the two guys doing the refreshments at Peter and the Wolf yesterday. The bartender, Joseph, got to be friends with all of us last night. Also got to hang out with Desiree for a while, who I haven’t seen hardly any of this year. I miss her! I feel like overall it’s been a pretty solitary year, with everyone off doing their own thing and not spending much time in a group.

I haven’t been up that late in a long time. I finally went to bed between 4:30 and 5, while the rest of the crew upstairs went to sleep at 7:30. I’ve been pretty useless all day, although I did go and work on my drawing portfolio that’s due tomorrow.

I feel like I have a ton of work I should be doing, but I really don’t. This is the last week of class before spring break, so I’ll have a week off! I’ll still be busy, but won’t have to go to class. Looking forward to that, plus being home for a while.

Mari is off at the official cast party now, although the REAL one was last night. It was so much fun, really. It’s been a long time since we went out and did something like that, just randomly. Hanging out after the show made me wish I had been part of it in some way. There’s no way I would have had time, but it would have been so much fun to get to know people that way. Just sitting around backstage, hanging out and meeting some new faces. I think that would have been cool. I’ve never thought of myself as having much talent, but I can learn to dance and be townsperson in the background. I could be good at that. Maybe I’ll do it one day.

For now, l’chaim, to life!


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