It Always Goes Down on Thursdays

19 Mar

Today has been such a busy day! I got very little sleep last night and have been running around ever since I woke up this morning. It was a beautiful morning and rather warm, but it’s decided to rain again. I hope this doesn’t last four days like it did last week. I was just getting used to seeing the sun again!

This morning my art therapy supervisor came to observe my session at SADAC, which went really well. I caught about every red light in downtown, so I was a few minutes late (that didn’t look good!). Apparently they had been talking about me right before I got there…good stuff, I hope! I guess we’ll see tomorrow in supervision. I thought it was a great session.

I had to run some errands right after that, then came back to campus for lunch, where I had to study for a test this afternoon. I overheard some funny conversation from the dining hall management, who were trying to plan a party for next week. Our dining hall manager, who I interviewed this summer along with some other students, is really great. He’s funny and really cares about what students need and want.

After lunch I had a meeting with my art history professor to discuss my thesis, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Now I just have to get to writing that darn thing! 25 pages by April 28. Yikes.

At four I had my non-western art midterm, which I felt really good about. I spent most of last night and all my free time today studying for it, and I felt really good after the test. Nothing was too tricky. This was the first test we’ve had in that class, so I didn’t have any idea how his test would be. Sometimes it’s good to have a little something before the midterm, just so you can get a feel for what your professor is looking for. But this one didn’t seem too hard. Not like my American art final, where I had to memorize 200 slides and then was only asked to identify 10 of them…

Tonight is the opening of Fiddler, which pretty much everyone is seeing right now. After Saturday, I will have friends again! I got drenched by the rain coming back to my room from picking up my tickets for tomorrow and Saturday nights. So much theater in one weekend! Speaking of which, I’m going to be the house manager for the performance of Peter and the Wolf at the Chapman Center on Saturday! I’d volunteered to usher, but I guess I’m the one with the most experience, and the woman who usually does it has to be out of town and asked if I would. I said yes, because that would be such a cool experience! Not too challenging, but I can say that I did it!

I just got back from the student juried art show, where I had two pieces. Wouldn’t you know, it wasn’t the two that I actually spent money to have framed! Anyway, the show was really great. There’s some really strong work coming out of the art department these days. I didn’t win any prizes (which would have been great considering that I could REALLY use the money, and the girl who got best in show is filthy rich!), but it was still good to see. It’s raining cats and dogs right now, and I’m waiting for The Office later!

I’ve also decided I’m going to try to do the Project 360 challenge, where you take one photo every day for a year and post it on your blog. I might just make a special blog for that one, instead of always posting pictures here. Stay tuned for more info.


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