14 Mar

Yesterday in volleyball class I discovered that I do not like competitions. Like, playing in sports competitions. Card and board games are usually fine, unless someone gets super obnoxious and competitive. Yesterday was the first day in class that we started playing with rules and actual points, so people were really into winning. Especially because there are a lot of juniors in there, and that class is notorious for being ruthlessly competitive like their big sister class. Annoying as hell.

I especially don’t like being in that little gym with lots of screaming people. There are two or three in there that are extremely loud. Unecessarily loud. Offensively loud. It’s only a CLASS, for God’s sake! There’s absolutely NO reason to get that into it. It’s not going to matter at all in ten years what you did in the middle of CLASS. The girls that really get on my nerves in there are the ones that have played on school teams before. They’re good, I admit, but that also makes them think they can be overtly obnoxious and tell everyone else what to do. I think that if you really care that much about it, just join the school team already. They bitch and moan about everyone who’s bad in class, and get frustrated when people suck. Excuse me, but last time I checked the syllabus, the name of this class was Expert Volleyball.

I really hate when people get worked up when playing sports. That’s probably why I never played them, and the main reason I hate basketball so much. I don’t like being in that enclosed space with hundreds of screaming people. It’s one thing to be loud at a concert, and another to scream for a competition that’s meaningless. I’d much rather have people get along and be nice to one another, rather than getting emotionally involved in something like a sports game. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching football as much as the next person, but I don’t like getting really into it. I like just sitting back and watching, silently cheering for my team.

I’ve never had anything like an anxiety attack before, but I’m pretty sure I came close in class yesterday. There was one girl in particular that screams really loud and thinks she’s better than everyone else. To the extent that she wears kneepads to class. At one point we were both at the net on opposite teams, and she was so loud that my ears were ringing for five minutes afterwards. Toward the end of class I got really nervous and kind of felt like I was going to cry. Just because it upset me to hear everyone acting like that. It’s a loud class anyway, but yesterday was just awful. Once you add in actual rules and points and the possibility of someone dominating the others, they get out of control. Winning isn’t everything. Yeah, it’s nice, but really, who cares about volleyball class THAT much? I care enough to put in a good effort and not mess up my GPA. But really, in the game of life, one little college class doesn’t mean that much, in the long run.

I really wanted to talk to this girl after class and tell her that she was way too intense. That sounds kind of wussy of me, and when I really think about it, there wouldn’t be much point. Why should she change her behavior just for one person in the class? But still, I was really upset, and it came from out of nowhere. I just really wanted to tell her to stop being so loud, because that was the worst of all. Granted, this is also a girl I’ve worked with in the past and really can’t stand, so it would look extremey bitchy of me to say anything. But if I have to go through another class feeling like that, I don’t know what I’ll do. It’s only midterm; another six weeks of this competitive crap.



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