13 Mar

I’ve been thoroughly against this whole leggings trend for a few years. However long the “High 80s” have been back, as I like to call them. While other girls with skinnier legs looked cute in theirs, I always thought leggings would look pretty ridiculous on me. Not to mention the fact that they’re kind of workout clothes, anyway.

Well friends, I finally broke down and bought a pair last week on my big shopping outing. This was mostly because I just bought two pairs of completely kick-ass boots, and needed some kind of pants to wear with them. So now I’m the proud (or not quite proud) owner of some leggings. Just one pair for now; we’ll see how it goes. So far pretty good, although I just put them on about a half hour ago and as of yet haven’t been outside. But I think they will greatly help the sudden cold weather we’ve decided to get now, after four or five days of glorious spring. Maybe this will finally be my chance to break them in.

Here’s to hoping I don’t look completely ridiculous.


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