Custom Framed

9 Mar

I’m entering the student juried art show this week, and it sure is a lot of work to get together! $10 gets me up to four pieces for consideration for the show, so here’s hoping that all four of mine do! I’m entering two photos, one painting, and an altered book. Hopefully I’ll be able to sell something as well as win a prize. Lord knows I could use that money!

Art is a very expensive hobby. I went to Art and Frame today to have my pinhole framed, and it cost about $40 for a small, 8x8ish photo! And that’s even with a big discount. Man, I’m really starting to reconsider this art career thing…not to mention my plan to NOT have to frame everything for my show myself. I mean, I don’t trust myself at all to do a good job framing, but still, I can NOT afford to frame and entire show without doing some of my own labor!

I’m still not completely ready for the show. I still have to finish up some framing and matting stuff, as well as get wires to hang these things. There are so many more steps to making art after you actually MAKE it! I wish I had my own personal framer on call anytime, for free. I’m not planning on being a studio artist professionally, because that “starving artist” stereotype is pretty accurate. Definitely have to put in a lot of money up front for something that’s not even a guarantee. I really hope I can make a little money off this show and my senior show in a few months. In these hard times, every little bit helps.

Not to toot my own horn, but the work I’m entering is pretty cool. Very unique. All of it is pretty different, too. One of the photos is a pinhole I took way back in Governor’s School, and the other is one of the snow last week that I altered on my computer. I haven’t fully decided which book to enter yet, but most likely the one about the seven deadly sins.

I have a lot to do this week and did absolutely nothing of value over the weekend, other than volunteering. Here’s hoping I can get at least something done for the rest of the night!


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