Thoroughly Charming

8 Mar

Last night I ushered at the Chapman Center. The show was Thoroughly Modern Millie, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I’d heard a lot of the music before, because Mari has it on her computer, but I’d never seen the show. I really liked it a lot. I know it’s a very glamourized look at 1920’s New York, but it made me really want to experience that life. There are all these great stories of people with big dreams moving to New York, and after some hardship, finding everything they ever wanted. Of course, these are mostly musicals, which aren’t anything like real life. But I wish it was. I think it would have been fun to be a flapper in the 20’s, living a scandalous lifestyle.

While seeing shows in Spartanburg is nothing like seeing them in New York, it was still a very good production. I really liked the costumes and dancing. I wish I was talented like that, to get up on stage and perform. I think it would be such a rush, but that’s never been me. I’m always the one in the audience, looking in from the outside.

Anyway, I really liked Millie. I think that name is so cute, too! Other than that my weekend has been completely unproductive. I just got out of the shower, where I discovered that my hair still smells like a campfire, after the one that was at the art opening the other night. It’s kind of gross, because I’ve washed it several times since then, but that faint fire smell is still there. I don’t like it. I’ve tried putting off my homework as long as possible, but now I think I can’t avoid it any more.

Until tomorrow.


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