Sweet Lullaby

28 Feb

by Afunakwa

Little brother, little brother, stop crying, stop crying
Though you are crying and crying, who else will carry you
Who else will groom you, both of us are now orphans

Little brother, little brother, our mother and father
They have died and now live on in the island of the dead
From the island of the dead, their spirit will continue to look after us
Just like royalty, taken care of with all the wisdom of such a place

Little brother, little brother even in the gardens
This lullaby continues to the different divisions of the garden,
And even to each house visited, this lullaby seems endless
Little brother, little brother
though you are crying and crying, who else will carry you

Oh oh, my heavens…be quiet, be quiet
I am just a boy, what have I done to you

Little brother, little brother you stop crying
Our mother and father have died
Both of us are now orphans, little brother, little brother


Original from the Solomon Islands:

Sasi sasi ae taro taro amu
Ko agi agi boroi tika oli oe lau
Tika gwao oe lau koro inomaena

Sasi sasi ae na ga koro ma koro
mada maena mada ni ada I dai
I dai tabesau I tebetai nau mouri
Tabe ta wane initoa te ai rofia

Sasi sasi ae kwa dao mata ole
Rowelae e lea kwa dao mata biru
Na rowelae e lea kwa dao mata luma
Rowlae e lea sasii sasi ae
Angi angi boro ti ka oli oe lau

laia rofia ro aro aro
Nau ne wela wane ku adedite amu

Sasi sasi ae ko taro taro amu
Ga koro ma koro da maena fasi koro
Koro inomae na ka sasi sasi ae

ahre aro a teai roro roroa
tea roa roa roai roa


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