My Buzz Can Be Killed, Too

27 Feb

Recently I left a comment on a blog that is apparently only for friends and family, but wasn’t protected in any way. There wasn’t any sort of disclaimer saying that the blog wasn’t really for wandering Internet eyes. There was a very beautiful video that I really wanted to compliment the poster for making and tell her that her story is inspiring and that I was really happy for her happiness. I checked back a few days later to see that, not only is her entire site now password protected, but there are posts titled “soo not okay” and “buzzkill” after my comment.

I wasn’t trying to stalk her or upset her or anything of that nature, merely pay her a compliment. If she wants to make her site private, that’s fine, but it should have been that way to begin with. I had no idea I was doing anything wrong by paying her a compliment. While admirable that she wants to protect her family, compliments from strangers are not always warning signs. I have no interest in her life at all, but I just wanted to congratulate her and tell her how touching this post was. I didn’t see any harm in this, and in fact spent a very long time writing the comment so as not to appear overbearing or be in any way offensive.

But now I feel like I’ve done something terrible. I shouldn’t feel guilty about it, because I will never meet this woman and I had good intentions. Is that wrong? I don’t think this is irrational for me to think, because I was so surprised to see all those sudden changes on her blog. I didn’t know it was a criminal offense for me to leave a nice comment. She didn’t even have the decency to respond and tell me that she would rather I not read her blog. Someone telling me that they would prefer I not say anything is far better than silence. Instead I was greeted with passive-aggressive post titles about buzzkill and things not being okay.

Sorry to have burst your bubble. I was only trying to say something nice. I guess I’ll have to watch my tongue in the future.


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