The End of an Era

15 Feb

Movie Genre January is officially over. I feel like a significant part of my life has come to an end. We won’t be spending every night exploring the wonders of cinematic history, genre by genre, anymore. I’m glad we did it, though; it was really fun to see everyone’s selections, and be exposed to genres I might not have picked for myself.

Comprehensive list of movies watched during Movie Genre January:

January 11: Silverado, Western, presented by Melody
January 12: Citizen Kane, Tragedy, presented by Laurann
January 13: Penelope, Children/Family, presented by Gia
January 14: Drop Dead Gorgeous, Mockumentary, presented by Anna
January 15: What Dreams May Come, Artsy, presented by Mari
January 17: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Romance, presented by Melody
January 18: Braveheart, Action, presented by Gia
January 19: Amelie, Foreign, presented by Anna
January 20: When Harry Met Sally, Comedy, presented by Mari
January 21: Anastasia, Animated Non-Disney, presented by Laurann
January 25: Dracula, Horror, presented by Melody
January 26: The Sting, Historical Fiction, presented by Mari
January 27: Rear Window, Mystery, presented  by Laura
January 29: Siren of the Tropics, Silent, presented by Anne

Categories unwatched:

Romantic Comedy, Drama, Sports, Literary Adaptation, Musical, Mob, Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Documentary, Disney Non-Animated, Animated Disney, Suspense/Thriller, Epic, Mini-series, Holiday

Since January is over and we’re going back to a regular semester, I don’t think we’ll ever pick up this project again. It was fun while it lasted, though.


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