12 Feb

I have decided that I want to get a pet hedgehog. They’re one of those animals that shouldn’t logically be cute, but really is. How many people do you know that have pet hedgehogs? I told a couple of my friends this yesterday, and they gave me the craziest looks ever. I’m pretty sure they think it’s a ridiculous idea. I’m sure my mother will never go for this idea, either.

I’m going to do some research for a while to see how much it would cost and how to properly care for them. I miss having lots of pets, and I’ve wanted a hedgehog for a while! I’ve decided that, when I get one, I’m going to name it either Eleanor Rigby or Dear Prudence (which will then be either Rigby or Prudie for short). Aren’t those such appropriate small animal names? I think so.

How is this not the cutest thing ever? I want one!


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