Accidents Will Happen

11 Feb

Such a busy day! This is the first time I’ve been in my room all day, and I had so many emails to check! It’s amazing how much happens when you run around all day long.

I’m having a very clumsy week. This semester I’m taking volleyball as my “team sport” PE credit. I think that, for a beginner, I’m doing rather well. I have definitely improved in the last couple of days, and there are people in class that look far more ridiculous than me. However, I have several bruises on my arms that kind of make me look like I’m shooting up. I’m just waiting for someone in therapy to ask me about it, since, you, drugs are bad and all that. My arms are pretty sore, too, not to mention the rest of my body (back and knees especially!). Volleyball is rough.

As if that wasn’t enough, I killed the hell out of my foot last night. I was getting something from the shelves in our kitchen nook, and knocked off the glass bottle of olive oil from the shelf. It landed right on the big bone that connects my big to to my foot. It hurt so bad! I can’t even describe it; I mean, I’ve done painful things before, but this was probably one of the worst. My foot swelled with a bump the size of a marble, and it immediately turned this greenish-blue color that kind of looked like mold. Today, it’s not marble-sized anymore, but it’s purple and red and the bruise is bigger. It’s truly disgusting. I really look like I’m purposely abusing myself. Having volleyball this morning certainly didn’t do anything to help my foot at all. I guess I need to be careful the next few days, because being all bruised up is not attractive. I’m pretty prone to dropping things on my feet or hitting my toes on, like, door frames. Isn’t that dumb? How hard is it to just walk through a door, and NOT hit your feet?

Anyway, moving on.

I think it’s just started to rain outside. My windows are open and I can hear it on the screen. It’s been unusually warm today; South Carolina is, in fact, a menopausal woman. It just can’t ever make up its mind what temperature it wants to be. It was also very windy today, which I must admit was very nice coming out of volleyball all hot and sweaty. But the rain is kind of intense right now. Converse doesn’t drain well when it rains, so there’s a very good chance I’ll have to wear my rain boots tomorrow.

I also can’t believe how much money I’ve already spent on art supplies this semester. I’m only taking Drawing 2, but I spent about $120 on stuff so far (and that’s using supplies from Drawing 1 a few years ago!). Being an art major is an expensive habit. I’m also going to have to shell out a lot of money to pay for my art show later in the spring. Not really looking forward to that.

I got a Valentine in the mail today from my mom. Parents, if you’re reading, please know that there’s almost nothing a college student enjoys more than being rewarded for shlepping down to the post office. Having mail other than junk or bills is always exciting at school, especially packages. My mom sent me some chocolates and some Valentine underwear. Not a bad present, I must say.

I went to SADAC yesterday for the first time this semester. I’m really glad to get back, although sleeping in tomorrow morning sounds wonderful. I’m excited to do some different activities this semester. So far I haven’t repeated a single intervention. I’m hoping to so some more involved things soon, once the group gets to know each other a little better. There are several new women in the group, which is good because that means I’ve seen lots of them graduate, but kind of messes up group cohesiveness sometimes. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do tomorrow, so that’s one of my projects for tonight.

I’ve started thinking about what I’m going to do this summer. Last night I decided I’m going to apply to be a counselor at Governor’s School. I think it would be so fun to go back and see it from the counselor perspective, after going four years ago. I really enjoyed it; I just went through all my really old blog and journal entries from when I was there, and it just reminded me how amazing it was! I’d go back in a heartbeat, and I’d really love the chance to get to work there and experience it again. Today there was a woman on campus from a girls’ camp not too far from here, recruiting staff and counselors. I went to talk to her for a minute after class, and it sounded really great. I’m definitely going to apply for that, as well. I don’t know which one I would rather do, though. On the one hand, Governor’s School is great, and I’ve been through it once, but it is only for a few weeks. Whereas going to this camp would be for a lot longer, but then I definitely wouldn’t get to do Governor’s School. The dates kind of overlap, so there’s no way I could do both (although that would be wonderful!)

So many decisions. I feel like I’m running around with my head cut off all the time. So many new classes to get used to, and tons of homework and other extracurricular stuff to do. How am I ever going to sleep this semester? Let’s just hope I don’t drop anything else on my feet!


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