9 Feb

I’ve been getting into the really bad habit of not waking up on time. I remember in high school, Baird used to always set his alarm clock to go off about an hour and a half before he actually wanted to get out of bed. I always thought this was kind of ridiculous, and would really interrupt your last precious hour of sleep. However, I’ve fallen into this same pattern. It’s almost impossible for me to get out of bed when I want to. I’ve started setting my alarm to go off an hour, two hours ahead of time. But I just turn my alarm to snooze, and roll over, angry. I haven’t gotten out of bed when I wanted to in a really long time. This morning I set my alarm to go off around 8:30, hoping to get up and get some stuff done around my room and get to the art store in time to go to lunch and eat before my volleyball class. Unfortunately, I couldn’t drag my sorry ass out of bed until 10:30. This still gave me plenty of time to get things done, but was way later than I had originally planned.

Now I know what Baird meant when he set his alarm to go off insanely early, except that it’s not really helping me. I still stay in bed until the absolute last possible minute. All this really does, I think, is make me grumpy in the morning and REALLY not want to get out of bed. Of course, it would probably help me if I got to sleep at a decent hour, but that hasn’t been happening lately. Last night I didn’t go to bed until three or four, I think, simply because Mari and I were watching Friends DVDs, looking at InStyle, and generally not doing anything to make ourselves tired. I’ve got to get out of this pattern if I’m ever going to do anything productive. Especially since I’m starting back at SADAC in the morning, and I’m terrified that I’m going to sleep through it. That would just look terrible, I know. There is no way I can keep this up!


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