Schoolhouse Rock

4 Feb

Today is the first day of Spring semester. My last-ever semester at Converse. I can’t even believe this much time has passed. It seems like just yesterday I was a freshman, nervous about moving away from home to live with a complete stranger, to take classes with professors I knew nothing about, and pursue an adult life. It all seemed like a dream back then. And now, that dream is almost a reality.

I don’t have that many books to buy this semester, but I have a feeling, just from attending two classes today, that it’s going to be a very expensive semester. I have a drawing class that requires a lot of supplies, not to mention the fact that at some point I have to pay for my art show, including matting, framing, food, invitations, etc. I’m not made of money. Although, that would be really nice.

And speaking of money, Gia and I went to Greenville yesterday, where I just couldn’t help myself, and I bought some stuff that I love but don’t absolutely need. I bought two pairs of earrings that are just so pretty. One is silver and one is gold, and both are very bohemian. I bought a shirt that has flowers on it, almost tie-dyed. I think I’ve been inspired to buy new things ever since I went through all my old InStyle magazines during January. I’ve been saving pictures of cute outfits and various accessories from that magazine for several years, and I recently looked at all that stuff again. I’m so ready to have a pretty adult wardrobe, and now I have shopping on the brain! I can’t do this to myself!

Although, it was nice to just walk around downtown for a while. Gia and I brought food with us and ate a picnic at Falls Park. We were basically the only two there, seeing as it was lunchtime on a Tuesday in the middle of February. Not exactly prime waterfall/park hours.

Hopefully we’ll have some fun weekend plans. My brother is coming up from USC on Friday to spend the weekend. I think this is because of the phone call we made to him a few weeks ago, to harrass him because we hadn’t talked to him in a long time. I think it will be fun to have him up again. Hopefully less awkward than it was last time, when I couldn’t really tell if he was having fun.

So, in sum, I started my last, and probably most expensive, semester today. I’ve been bitten by the shopping bug, and everywhere I look I see new things I want. Greenville was fun, and cold. James is coming this weekend, and Lord knows what’s in store. Have a great Hump Day!


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